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Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been around since 2003, nearly 18 years ago. Because of this fact, the site has developed many advantages and disadvantages.


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These are the most notable advantages and disadvantages of Pirate Bay.

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How to create a torrent file with uTorrent

Although it appears quite simple in functionality, uTorrent is a very powerful tool. One of the possibilities that it offers is the creation of torrent files for files and directories. It is a very reliable tool. Don’t forget, that other tools available on the market have used uTorrent as a software base, and from there they evolved.

Thus, if you want to create a torrent file by using uTorrent, follow these steps:

Step 1: open uTorrent. You will be prompted to the app’s interface. Go the main menu and click on “File”. You will see a sub-menu. Choose the item “Create New Torrent” from it. Alternatively, use the shortcut Ctrl + N.

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Step 2: you will now see a window with several parameters that you need to complete. Start by clicking on the “Add File” button if you want to share one file only, or “Add Directory” if you want to share more than one file at once. Note that all the shared files should be stored in that directory. Also use names for the file(s) and directory that are related to the file content, as this will help downloaders in their search.

Step 3: as you will quickly notice, uTorrent appears with some tracker URLs by default. Use them if you want, or insert the URLs of the trackers that you prefer. You can also indicate the size of the file, or let the program find it out. Other important options are “Start seeding” and “Private Torrent”, whose names are self-explanatory. If you need them, tick them on. You can also add info about a website related to the file(s).

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Step 4: once all the info is completed, press on the “Create” button. You will receive a message if there is any problem, such as “incomplete info”. If everything is fine, you will see the progress bar showing the development percentage.

Step 5: once the torrent file has been created, you will see it under the “Torrents” item on the left side menu. If you had chosen “Start seeding” during your set up, you will see that the torrent is doing so.

What is a torrent tracker and how can I find an updated list of them

A torrent tracker, better known as a BitTorrent tracker, is a server that helps in the communication between peers and that uses the BitTorrent protocol.

As you may know, in peer-to-peer programs, files are transferred in portions that reside in the seeders’ machines. This process requires coordination, and torrent trackers provide this functionality by keeping track of where the files reside on peers’ machines, and which ones are available at the time of the download. They also help coordinate the downloading efforts, and can provide network statistics that can help to optimize downloads. Lately, with the invention of the distributed hash table or DHT, this technology has become less important as a coordination tool. They are however still popular to optimize downloading speed.

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If you need to create a torrent for upload, you may want to know which trackers you can use. In order to find out, follow these steps:

Step 1: as torrent trackers servers’ life span is not always very long, you need to get an updated list of potential trackers. Do an Internet search, specifying the year you are in. For example, use the keywords: torrent tracker list 2020.

Step 2: scan the different pages. For example, a good place to check is TheTorrentTrackerList, available at, which usually contains an updated list of trackers, highlighting those that aren’t available anymore.

Step 3: select the info that you need, and include it in your torrent file.

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How to prepare a movie for uploading to the Pirate Bay

Whether it is your own movie or any other video that you want to share over the PirateBay, you need to prepare it. In this way, anyone potentially interested in your file, can have a proper understanding of what is available in it. Thus, here is a quick guideline of things that you are advised to do, in order to create a successful movie upload.

Step 1: prepare the video file. Make sure that the quality of the video is good, the sound is without interruptions and that it doesn’t include any blurred parts. Also consider the size of the file. Very large files take longer download time, and very small files may imply poor quality. Balance both factors in order to create an efficient download.

Step 2: prepare a file with information about the video. A quick and easy way to create one is to right click on the video file and get the main technical information from the “details” tab. Important parameters include: the file format (for example, mp4, mkv), the length of the video, the frame width, height and rate, the data rate, and the total bitrate. Once you have this information create a .txt or a .info file, and store it on this file. And, to help the reader, give a descriptive name to the file.

Step 3: if you like, include some information about you as the uploader. However, be careful and don’t identify yourself.

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Step 4: Include other files, such as pictures of posters of the movie, or photos of different scenes. Many users of the Pirate Bay enjoy knowing more about the movie and may like to use pictures from it.

Step 5: store all files in one directory and wrap them up by using a zip or tar file. In this way, the Pirate Bay user will have to download only one file. Now your movie is ready for uploading.

How to obtain all the torrents available on the Pirate Bay

The founders of the PirateBay were very open minded and decided to make freely available all the torrents stored in their database. This was done with the aim of helping anyone who would like to create a mirror of the site and make it public.

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However, you can use the info stored in this database for private motifs. For example, you could use the magnets and torrents stored in your copy of the Pirate Bay database to download files by using a client torrent app. You could also create a private network with your friends and share the info with them. The possibilities are many, and only restricted by your imagination.

If you are interested in acquiring the Pirate Bay’s database do the following steps:

Step 1: the Pirate Bay offers frequent dumps of its database and makes them available at  Thus, just click on this link and download the latest dump.

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Step 2: now that you have a dump of the Pirate Bay’s database, you will have to restore it on your machine. Usually, popular databases, such as MySQL can do the job. MySQL is very popular in this regard, because it is open source and thus available for free. You can download it at The installation process is easy, just follow the given steps. Once MySQL is on your machine, restore the dump. If you are not a MySQL expert and want to know how to restore a dump, consult any of the many articles available on the Internet. For example guides you step by step through the process.

Step 3: once you have restored the Pirate Bay’s database, you are ready to use the available info. Just connect to it via a program or open it with a tool such as MySQL Workbench, which is available for free at Alternatively, if you know the SQL language, you could use it to extract the info inside.